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College Station - The Polos

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Description: A community with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments close to campus

Furnished: Available


Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
2A 2 1.0 $335 *
2S 2 1.0 $375 *
2T 2 1.5 $335 *
3S 3 2.0 $290 *
4S 4 4.0 $275 *

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed: Yes

Notes: Call for policy.

Lease Information

Lease Length Options: 6 Months12 Months3 Months

Lease Notes: $35 application fee.

Office Information

Contact Name:
Office Hours:   M-F 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM   Saturday 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM   Sunday 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Phone: (662) 323-9499
Fax: (662) 323-0729

Send a message to the office.

Last Updated: 2007-11-05

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Ratings and Comments

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(2013-10-05) I have lived here for several years because of convenience and it's affordable. However, I have had many problems with my apt. This is the third one I have moved to and it has been the worst. The bugs and roaches are unbearable. A mouse comes to visit from time to time and when I call the office for traps and all, it takes forever. The frames around the sink and cabinets are old and torn. They have finally replaced some of the old appliances, which is great, but the pests are my main problem. Maintenance comes in a decent time frame depending on the job. I wouldn't really recommend anyone now to move to the apts but in the past I have recommend. The people in the office are friendly and I like them a lot. Apts need to be upgraded. Just putting paint on and doing patch work isnt an upgrade. 3.0 stars

(2012-07-28) management sucks, apartments bug infested and townhouse appliances barely work 0.0 stars

(2010-07-01) I have lived at college station for a year now and im telling you it is the worst apartment in town! when we moved in the apartment was a disaster! there was fod all over from the previous tenants. they said they "cleaned" but really all they did was paint over the dirt..literaly! we puled 3 toothpicks 6 nails and 10 bugs of the walls that were stuck there with paint! we also had to report a broken unsafe over everyday for a month straight before they came to look at it and then remind them about it again for another week before anyone fixed it...for a day. then on halloween or door lock was popped out and starnge things bega happening in our apartment. like undergarments went missing and when we reported it they said our friends did it or that maybe it was one of the roommates. there was 2 of us and neither one of us did it. they also decided it would be a grand idea to "re-do" the pool in the summer. we have not had a pool since may. while doing this they blocked off all the front row parking and took down our "security" gate. to sum up this terrible year when i gave my notice to vacate i was verbally attacked for leaving. they then told me that if my apartment was not spotless they would charge my roommate and i 180 dollars each for their cleaning services. so whatever you do find somewhere else to live. 0.0 stars

(2010-02-17) worst place to stay. if you are looking for the Nasty+dirty place.. this is it! Odor of apartment is really really bad only good thing of this apartment is the parking spaces. and that's about it. you can not lock the door b/c office don't want to fix it. and plumbing and elec. is so cheap that my lights go out pretty often and bathroom smell like shxx b/c the plumbing prob. 0.0 stars

(2009-01-19) I'm a tenant here at College Station & The Polos. I have been living here for a little over 2 years and I love it. The location is great because it's close to campus ( we got the shuttle bus now which is a plus!) The price is very afordable especially for me since I'm a colllege student. During the summer there are always people out by the pool. Everyone here seems to know each other. The staff in the rental office and the maintenance staff are very friendly. They are always willing to give a helping hand! I'm very much satisfied and cozy in my townhouse. 5.0 stars

(2009-01-19) I've lived at College Station Polos apartments for about 8 months and it is the best value for the money! If you have any problems they always quickly resolve and fix them. You cannot beat the property and price, great location, this property is a lot of fun! I've referred three people who have also moved in and love it, every time I refer a friend I have gotten 75.00 off my rent! Great Place to Live! 5.0 stars

(2008-10-11) They're pretty terrible like most people have described. When I lived there it wasn't so bad as rent was noticeably cheaper but the rest of the problems were the same. They literally painted the doorsway, called it 'upgrades' and tacked a sizable amount onto their monthly rent. They claim the deposit is for cleaning the apartment and repairing any damage, but they obviously do not do this at all. They didn't do it for me and they've never done it for anyone I've known living there. We also had instances of maintenance coming into our place while we weren't there, smoking while they did whatever they had to do (I assume changing filters etc), and of course we'd discover some things missing afterwards. The amenities like others have stated are a joke. There is no security either, that's just a complete lie as far as I can tell. 1.0 stars

(2008-08-15) I lived here for 6 months and could not wait to get out. When I toured the apartments, I was showed the model apartment and told that all of them looked the same...they all have the same layout but the actual apts are rundown and dirty. The day we moved in there was a horrible smell and after complaining for days they sent someone out to check on it and couldn't figure out what it was. After a week of complaining about the odor, they finally searched the apt thoroughly and found a dead mouse under our fridge! This was only the beginning of our problems, with the last being an attempted break-in, because our door did not close properly due to a loose dead bolt. They finally fixed it after our attempted break-in but we turned in our notice to leave then. They claim to have 24 hour security but that actually means they let a starkville city cop live there free and they are the first to respond to reports there. While I was there, besides our almost break-in, there were two more robberies and a reported rape. These apartments are in a good area but seem to be an easy target for crime. Take my word for it...don't live here! 0.5 stars

(2008-06-14) College Station Apartments have good space, but they need to be renovated. They show you the model which is in great condition, but the actual apartments are poorly maintained. The management is the worst feature of the apartments. They do not help at all. The apartments are overpriced, you can get a much better apartment for less. It is really hard to get things fixed here. Most of the door lights do not work. The pool is old and the paint is cracking, the "hot tub" is ridiculus. Tennis courts are cracked. College Station says the have 24 hr security, however, two weeks ago my car was broken into, and the cops said there had been 4 other breakins the same week at college station. I have acutal pictures of apartments and not the model if anyone wants to see them. For questions and pic requests, email me at collegestationsucks@gmail.com 0.5 stars