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21 Apartments

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Description: Fully furnished 1, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in a community setting within walking distance of campus. All leases are individual. Details at www.21apts.com

Furnished: Yes


Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
1BD 1 1.0 $835
3BD 3 3.0 $479 *
4BD 4 4.0 $435 *
4BD-TH 4 4.0 $525 *

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed: No


Lease Information

Lease Length Options: 12 Months

Lease Notes: not sure about the lease requirements

Office Information

Contact Name:
Office Hours:   M-F Unknown   Saturday Unknown   Sunday Unknown
Phone: (662) 338-3421

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Last Updated: 2013-12-16

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Ratings and Comments

Add your rating and/or comments.

(2013-01-21) Can you say awesome!!??? I am in love with this place. Many people have had their doubts about 21 and after looking at reviews, I was one of them. Yet, I decided to take a look for myself. I loved it from the start!! I currently live here at 21 and its perfect. The walk to school is so convenient, and the staff is very willing to help with my needs however they can. Maintenance have always been there to fill my fix it requests. I am so stoked to say I live at 21. Before judging, I would just advise anyone to give it a look for themselves. 5.0 stars

(2012-12-21) I have been a resident at 21 for almost 3 years now,and I love it!! It is my home away from home. I have experienced nothing but positive from the staff in the 21 office. They are more than willing to help if they can. I understand that there are just some things they can not do because we all have rules, but when they can do, they do so. They have matched me with such wonderful roommates!! We all have become really good friends. That is very hard to come by, especially when there is four of us in a townhouse. We are under new management now, and things are getting even better!!! I would totally recommend 21 to anyone!!!! 5.0 stars

(2012-12-19) This place is the best! The maintenance team is always there as soon as I have any issue in my apartment. I just moved in over the weekend and I had a couple of issues in my apartment but the office fixed all of them right away. They are all so nice and genuinely concerned about my issues. I'm overall pleased so far! 5.0 stars

(2012-12-19) I've lived here for 1 year and renewed for the next. This place is awesome. Very convenient because its right across the street from campus. The office people are super nice and always willing to help me. I highly suggest it to every college student! 5.0 stars

(2012-05-24) This is the last place you want to live. Management is absolutely horrible, the buildings need some major work and cleaning, and it is nearly impossible to get out of a lease. My experience at 21 has been miserable to say the least. The only good thing about this property is its proximity to campus. When I first moved in everything seemed nice...but I was definitely wrong. Cheap furniture, tanning beds that don't work, vomit in my breezeway, creepy maintenance men who sit in your apt to chat rather than do their job, and I continue to be nickeled and dimed for petty things. Not to mention my rents gone up $45 since ive lived here and im not quite sure for what because nothing is getting nicer around here. Don't live here, you will regret it. 0.0 stars

(2012-04-26) I've lived at 21 Apartments for two years and I love it.It's the closest to campus (I didn't even have to buy that $100 parking decal), it has free tanning and a gym, and the apartments are very nice, spacious, and fully furnished. I think it's just an all-around great environment. The staff in the office is super friendly and they also have a really great maintenance staff that is always willing to help you out. The rent is also all inclusive which is very convenient. I'm a full-time student and I work so I'm glad I don't have to take the extra time out of my day to drop off a cable or water payment. I didn't know anyone when I moved here, but 21 was so helpful and placed me with some great roommates with their awesome roommate matching program. 21 even has events with free food and pretty sweet prizes(iPads, money off rent, A CRUISE!!!) for their residents. I definitely feel at home here. If you are looking for somewhere to live in Starkville, I would definitely suggest giving 21 Apartments a try. 4.5 stars

(2011-10-12) This is my first year at 21 and I have loved it so far. Yes, as many people have said, it is very convenient to campus. I didn't even have to buy the $105 State parking decal this year because I was so close and I am able to ride my bike to class. I love that each room has their own lock and bathroom if you need privacy, but I also love the spacious common area to hang out with my roommates. The parking really hasn't been that bad either since I got here. Will you always get a front row parking space to your apartment? No, but do you always get a front row parking space to Walmart? They have done very well regulating parking on gameday and it hasn't been a hassle for me at all as long as everyone follows the rules. The office workers are delightful. They have already passed out DELICIOUS breakfast twice from Hardee's and Sonic while I was on my way to school, held a movie night with FREE popcorn, nachos, movie theatre candy and drinks, they have held a pool side cookout and this month they are holding two movie nights, another "Breakfast On The Go" and a Halloween Bash. 21 Apartments has been a great apartment complex to live in!! 4.5 stars

(2011-01-04) My overall experience at 21 Apartments was poor. When roommate problems occurred all the advice the staff would offer is to ignore it although they specifically stated in my lease that if we had roommate issues to talk with the staff. All the annoying extra charges talked about above are very true. They also don't tell you that you have extra charges until they're past due and they tack on a late fee. We had a huge problem with mice and roaches and even ants at one point. The handymen would come in at any hour of the day and not even knock. The water/internet would go out without any notice at random hours of the day. It was also hard to have guests over because of the front gate. They also have you sign your lease for the next August in November/December before you realize how terrible it really is living there. It was nice to have the place furnished, but there are other places in Starkville that are furnished and way better than 21 Apartments. 1.0 stars

(2009-10-21) I worked here as well as lived here. All the other comments are true. You may get anonymous bills, and management is quite unorganized. However, the price is reasonable in my opinion for a furnished apartment with your own bedroom and bathroom. If you're a new student with little money, I think its a great way to have your own apartment without restrictions but still avoid utilities and furniture buying 3.0 stars

(2009-09-25) The ONLY good thing about 21 apartments is the location. They people that in charge are very rude. We had a lady come to our apartment the first week and put her finger in my face because i had a trash bag outside my door! And they will screw you on prices when you move out. All 3 of my room mates got $150 "cleaning fee" because we left out some papers on the table and some food in the freezer. All of the rooms were cleaned out completely and they charged us all $150. I would not reccomend this place to anyone. 2.0 stars

(2009-05-11) I agree with everyone, this place is a scam! I also got a mysterious bill for $175 and when I called the office they couldn't tell me what it was for. After we moved out, they tried to charge me eight hundred dollars worth of bs fees. My dad's lawyer sent a letter to their corporate office asking for a detailed list of what we were charged for. Not surprisingly, they didn't respond. Instead they turned it in to a collection agency. They will never get another penny from me. Also, we lived in the building next to the guy who was murdered, yes murdered. My friend lived in a building where a meth lab was busted. Very safe. 0.0 stars

(2009-01-19) These are apartments are horrifying.. I lived there with 3 other friends and you can tell that everything was so poorly built. The door handle for the balcony came off the first day that we were there. The air conditioner always froze up. And the freaking wall were so thin I could hear my neighbor from upstairs' conversations at 2 in the morning. The people in the office were rude and unorganized. Then after the murder that happened there I wasnt surprised that everyone didnt want out of their leases. 0.0 stars

(2009-01-13) Most the employees are very nice but that doesn't compensate for the fact that they're as organized as a 5 year old. They *constantly* lose my mail despite me double checking my mailing address with them. I've brought up online tracking on their computers to prove to them that they recieved something and I've still gotten the "I don't know, we don't have it here" response. They make accounting errors and attempted to charge me and my roommate one months rent twice (this happened in separate semesters so it wasn't just one screw up). Either the floors are extremely thin or the people that live above me are morbidly obese an horribly ungraceful. 1.5 stars

(2008-09-04) TERRIBLE. Living here it is loud and the furniture is the worst. Parking is pretty much whoever gets there the earliest gets it, and the office does not help with anything. Takes forever to get something fixed, and the workers just unlock your front door and come in whenever they please making themselves at home. Don't live here..it's too overpriced for what you have to put up with 0.0 stars

(2008-05-03) My main problem was the surpise bill every month and it wasn't for a few extra dollars it was for hundreds! Im not joking. 2.5 stars

(2008-03-24) crap crap crap. Me and my roommate both hate these apartments. I don't know anybody that winds up staying for more than a year. yes it's furnished which is nice, but the furniture is uncomfortable. It's TERRIBLY insulated so you can hear every step the people on the floor above you take. there are never any parking spaces so you wind up having to park a mile away from where your apartment actually is. i would not recommend anyone staying here at all. 0.0 stars

(2008-03-02) It's okay. Location is good. The furniture is uncomfortable, but okay if you don't have any. Rent is way too high and it's loud and dirty. 3.0 stars