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Forest Creek Village

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Description: 2 bedroom townhomes. Appliances are furnished including washer and dryer.



Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
2A 2 1.5 $500

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed: No


Lease Information

Lease Length Options: 12 Months

Lease Notes:

Office Information

Contact Name:
Office Hours:   M-F 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM   Saturday Closed   Sunday Closed
Phone: (662) 615-0703
Fax: (662) 615-5007

Last Updated: 2007-07-26

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Ratings and Comments

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(2012-06-22) Correction. This property is owned by several different individuals, not Morgan Properties. 3.5 stars

(2011-07-09) Morgan Properties barely performs maintenance on these units. They have recently allowed the scum of the earth to move into this complex constantly littering and throwing all night parties leaving beer bottles strewn everywhere, and let's not forget the broken down cars with flat tires in front of the apartments. The dumpster area has NEVER been cleaned in the two years I've lived here. Even though pets aren't allowed, my neighbors have three pit bulls that bark at all hours of the night. There are HUGE potholes in the driveway / parking area that will tear your car's oil pan out from under the car. (This happened to me during the last heavy rain) Also they built new apartments behind Forest Creek and filled in the creek that was on that property, so now the forest creek parking area floods every time it rains! RENTERS BEWARE!!! AVOID FOREST CREEK VILLAGE!!! AVOID MORGAN PROPERTIES!!! 0.0 stars