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Highlands Plantation

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Description: 3 Bedroom 3 1/2 Bath duplex, extra large with balconies on front and back, 2 car enclosed garage. Washer and dryer, 2 H&A units, owner built and well insulated for low utility bills.

Furnished: No


Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
RD 1 3 2.5 $330 *
RD 2&3 3 3.5 $340 *

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed: No


Lease Information

Lease Length Options: None Months

Lease Notes:

Office Information

Contact Name: Red Dog Realty
Office Hours:   M-F Unknown   Saturday Unknown   Sunday Unknown
Phone: (662) 321-0031

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Last Updated: 2013-06-07

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Ratings and Comments

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(2017-11-25) These apartments are nice. They are clean and quite spacious. However, this neighborhood is noisy and parking is atrocious. There is no designated parking, so parking issues arise quite often. The road isn't wide enough. People park in the street constantly making it difficult to drive and get to your apartment. These are not affordable either. I personally do not recommend this complex. 2.0 stars